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22 Questions You Can't Put Off For After Busy Season

Analysis and Commentary by Robert Fligel, CPA

M&A and Lateral Partner Search Activities Are Continuing

Succession and Growth Issues Are Driving Activity

Emerging Opportunities For Top CPA Talent

Driven by Growth and Succession

In a World of Challenges, Our Futures Depend on Our People

Analysis and Commentary by Robert Fligel, CPA

Plan for Post-Season Strategy Sessions with These 9 M&A Tips

Analysis and Commentary by Robert Fligel, CPA

How's Business?

Analysis and Commentary by Robert Fligel, CPA

Non-Compete Agreements for Accounting Firms

An excellent article by Michael Lasky

Preliminary Results of NY area CPA Business Forecast

Greetings colleagues, friends and clients,

Partner Compensation- Time To Review Your Firm's Model?

Based on some recent conversations with managing and line partners, I want to share a few observations.

Succession and Growth Drive M&A + Search

Analysis and Commentary by Robert Fligel, CPA February 2012

2011 M&A Activity Ends with a Flourish

Driven by Growth and Succession Strategies

7 Questions to Ask Yourself as 2011 Winds Down

You’re doing year-end planning for your clients. How about for yourself?

Why CPAs Can't Ignore the M&A and Partner Talent Markets

Why would you want your CPA firm to be active in the M & A and partner talent markets?

Social media and hiring

New York State Society of CPAs MAP Committee meeting

Merger and Acquisition update

Merger and Acquisition activity during the last several months has picked up significantly in the New York Metropolitan area.

Filling your shoes

Succession planning requires creating your own successors

Enron Whistleblower and WikiLeaks

Dodd Frank discussion

Generating More Referrals

Some advice from a renowned expert

Great leadership technique to share.

In Sunday's (11/21) New York Times

Partner Compensation, Peformance and Current Trends

From experts at the recent Advisory Board conference

Ed, The Rainmaker, Robinson

Super Star Presenter

On Hiring And Advice To Young People In The Workforce

One of my favorite articles is a regular feature in the New York Times Sunday business section “Corner Office”

You got the informational meeting/interview, now what?

Here are some sound do’s and don'ts

How To Choose An Accounting Firm Among Other Topics

The Long Island Business News “”How to Guide for 2009”

It's Preseason Time

But, don’t hunker down, be proactive

Convert your voicemails to email or text and save time.

Voicemail to email in one easy step

NYC CPA firms at the top

Crain's NY-Best places to Work 2008

Partner Compensation

Smaller vs larger firms

Don't stop or slow down your marketing

Marketing, more important than ever

What can a small CPA firm do to recruit and retain staff?

Tips on how to find them and keep them.

Survival techniques for small firms

If you didn't see it, I recommend a great article in the June 16 issue of Accounting Today by August Aquila.

Who’s in Charge? You or your email ?

A recent posting in Allison Shield’s Legal Ease Blog entitled “Do Something! Manage Your Email Inbox” really caught my eye.

Spring Cleaning for CPAs

3 critically important actions to begin the new season

Why CPAs don't plan for their own retirement

The long term issues that CPAs face

Firm mergers- Why the multiple isn’t the right focus

First in a series of current trends

The “University” within the CPA firm

That sure didn’t exist in my day!

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Are We Investment Advisors?

A question I often hear: As a CPA partner/practitioner, should I provide financial services to my clients?

Troublesome Two

Here are the two main concerns on the minds of CPA firm partners, sole practitioners and other high-level CPAs in public accounting.

Where’s the Passion?

In a CPA’s life, passion is often underrated. Is it still possible to enjoy life and work?