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I grew up in Charlotte, NC, where my father owned a CPA practice. It was a traditional sole practitioner firm that he grew to around 10 people, including a homegrown partner. Ironically, my father’s company merged with a NYC firm that he had gotten to know through correspondent work; his firm had handled the NY firm's southern textile industry clients. It was through that early exposure I learned the importance of client service—as well as the trials and tribulations of running a business.

By design, ours is a personal business. I enjoy working one-on-one with each and every firm and partner, and truly making a difference. It is an extremely rewarding feeling when a partner is happy and thriving in a new firm and the new firm is equally happy or when a firm solves its succession problem by merging into another and all are happy. Often the smaller firm managing partner/founder is particularly happy to be out from under all of the firm management and administrative oversight and instead focus on client service or new business, or, better yet, golf or other fun pursuits!

I’m committed to providing you with the same exceptional client service that my father provided to his clients while delivering solutions based solely upon your best interests. Once we’ve completed your M&A or search process, we’ll remain available to help you in other ways. Our interest—and our expertise—extend well beyond the transaction.

Please contact me directly anytime to discuss how we might be able to service you.


Robert Fligel

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