CPAs, How To Use LinkedIn More Effectively

June 2015 -

If you are involved in any of these activities, then LinkedIn should be one of your prime resources.

But, it’s not being used well.

I think the main reason is lack of awareness about how to effectively use it.

Here is post from a very savvy, smart and valued business colleague, Tracey Segarra, Director of Marketing at Margolin, Winer & Evens LLP, a top area CPA firm.

See Tracey’s practical tips and insights here and do better!

And, here’s an example about using LinkedIn. Today, as a favor to a longtime colleague, I interviewed a soon to be recent accounting graduate. For good reasons, he didn’t get interviews on campus, but has a great resume and a LinkedIn profile.  When asked what is he doing with LinkedIn, without hesitation, he remarked that he is reviewing all of his first and second degree connections (a lot of family and friends at this early career stage) to see who works in NY metro area CPA firms and ideally graduated from his college. I will bet you that more than 50% of those folks will respond to a polite and professional inquiry because of the commonality.

This is just scratching the surface as far as the value and benefits of knowing how to use LinkedIn and executing based on that. I am a huge fan in case you haven’t noticed.  If you are serious about using LinkedIn to further your career, here is my offer and I am quite serious.

Email me at  and I will set up a time for a totally no obligation conversation and I guarantee you some actionable advice.

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- Robert Fligel, CPA

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