It’s Pre-Season Time

January 2009

Before you get totally buried in year end taxes, audits, reviews and the like, use this preseason time wisely. I am sure you are worried about your investments, the economy etc.,  but this is your last opportunity for a good while to do some things you have been putting off.  So…  don’t just take it a bit easier,  but consider the below.

Get together with those long time and good paying clients even if there isn’t a specific “required “ reason. Wouldn’t it be great if someone asked you to get together to talk about your business and life in general.  As we both know, something good and productive almost always come out of face to face meetings like this.

What are some of the things you have you been meaning to do for a long time but haven’t?

For example, do you want to find out more about business networking through sites like Use this time to sign up and get started.

Take a top performer out to lunch ( or someone you think has that potential). This is not part of a year end evaluation or similar type of meeting,  but just a chance to show your interest and get to know them better .

Not happy in your job? Use this time for some planning. Get your resume up to date. Talk to your close friends and advisors about what you are thinking, create a presence on sites such as linkedin and facebook and determine possible target companies. 

Been thinking about your firm’s succession. If you don’t have an internal successor, sit down and do some planning regarding the different alternatives. 

Need to spend some time thinking about and organizing your own financial and estate planning ?

  - Get your wills, lists of assets and the like up to date
  - Make sure you are adequately insured for life, disability and long term care

The list goes on.

Be proactive and get out of your comfort zone. I can promise you that it feels good!

If you would like assistance or just want to chat about any of this, please contact me at or 212 490 9700.

It’s always confidential. 

Robert Fligel

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