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Whether your firm is looking for a new partner or is interested in merging, selling or aquiring another firm, we understand the issues and offer distinct advantages:

We’re fellow CPAs and we specialize.  Unlike search firms who deal in numerous industries, we work with public accounting and consulting firms exclusively.  We’re intimately familiar with the inner workings of the industry, both personal and professional.

Our network is unmatched.  With twenty-plus years of solid relationships to tap, we can sense immediately who are the most promising firms, people and opportunities for you.  

We focus exclusively on the NY Metro area.  No two metro areas are exactly alike.  As experts in the NY Metro CPA market, our home turf, we are able to speed up the process by hitting the ground running.

Partner Search

Partner, Director and other senior executive changes are highly sensitive matters.  Depending on why your firm is seeking a new member (i.e. retirement, growth, expansion, etc.), our approach is custom tailored to your needs.  Beginning with a confidential discussion of your goals and position specifications, we ask:

Our partner search services have a simple objective:  Help you find and select the best new team member as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.  

Mergers & Acquisitions

A merger, sale or acquisition can be a make-or-break move—easily the most important in a firm's career.  There are any number of reasons why such moves make sense:

If you’re interested in selling or merging your practice, we will meet with you in confidence to:

If you’re interested in acquiring a CPA firm, we will meet with you in confidence to:

Our M&A services have a simple objective:  Help you identify and capitalize on the best new opportunity as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.  

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Here is a sample of our recent partner searches. Average new compensation was around $400k

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